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Here's just some of the feedback we've received after helping clients negotiate better telecom contracts.

“…I was skeptical when you first contacted me…to the extent that I completed a round of contract negotiations with AT&T without your assistance. I was confident that my relationship with AT&T was such that I had negotiated the best possible contract on my own. Boy, was I surprised!

You brought contract tariffs to my attention that clearly showed AT&T as offering much better rates to other customers. When we reopened contract talks with AT&T, you continued to support me with advice on negotiating strategies and contract terms. As a direct result of your assistance, we saved many thousands of dollars over the life of the new contract.

Please feel free to share this letter with any potential customers who might be hesitant to take advantage of your services. If it helps to persuade them, I’m sure they won’t be disappointed.”

R.W., Telecommunications Manager


“…You and your team will long be remembered within our Contracts Department for all you did for us during the long negotiation process…We know that you faced some unique challenges within our company and you handled each situation with a great deal of diplomacy and professionalism.

Thanks for your continued support too as your team monitors our monthly invoices. It has certainly been an added benefit that you have found approximately $100,000 in additional monies to us due to AT&T billing errors over the past few months.”

K.E., Senior Contracts Representative


“We were able to get the very best rates, terms and conditions because of the research and negotiation expertise provided by Teleplus. A major international consulting firm recently confirmed that the contracts negotiated by Teleplus were the best he had seen…

I would recommend that any company take advantage of Teleplus’s expertise to evaluate their current contracts and to help in negotiating new data and voice contracts. You can rely on the expertise Teleplus provides and you can trust the staff’s honesty and integrity.”



“Our entire senior staff appreciates the millions of dollars per year which you have helped us save. The eventual results certainly exceeded expectations. We also appreciate the manner in which you conducted negotiations. Your work made us all look good, while producing substantial savings and contractual protections. The consistent level of communication made it a comfortable process, as well, and we look forward to continued work together.”

M.C., Vice President, Information Services, Communications


“I would like to express my satisfaction with the consulting work performed on our behalf by Teleplus. I found them to be completely honest and straightforward in all of our dealings. We really enjoyed working with Teleplus and would recommend to any company that they use their services to evaluate or negotiate new contracts.”




You can relax and concentrate on other business initiatives, knowing that your telecom costs are right where they should be!

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